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Fine Lines Wants to Help!

To All Fine Lines Members and Friends: Wendy Lundeen is one of our Fine Lines Special Editors. She is a career educator, and her daughter has two boys, Dillon and Tyler, who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Last year, we helped the family purchase a wheelchair accessible van for transportation. Please see the file attachment, which details their current needs. Fine Lines wants to help them again, and we are asking you to assist us. The boys, 7 ½ and 5 years old, are now both in wheelchairs. The family hopes to make a down payment on a handicap-accessible home, across the street from where the boys go to school. Be gracious in 2011. Thank you. David Martin Fine Lines Editor PETERS HOME FUND PDF Share...

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Write Mary Anne Radmacher Write to make sense of life experiences. Write to learn as much as you can from all the challenges and the joys. Write because words and ideas are fascinating. Write because exploring concepts is play. Write to synthesize these explorations and make them practical. Write to become the best version of yourself. In the process of seeking empowerment . . . empower others, write to inspire, motivate, comfort, facilitate, discover, communicate. In this scratching, this making marks, encourage others to make their own mark. Share...

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The Gift of Five Minutes

My Gift of Five Minutes Courtney Warren In five minutes, a man could take a gun and shoot up a mall. In five minutes, a war could begin. In five minutes, a person can die, and in five minutes, thousands of lives can change. A lot can happen in a short amount of time. Things happen in minutes that people spend the rest of their lives wishing they could take back. That’s where my gift comes in. I wouldn’t give a gift wrapped in a box and tied with a pretty bow. No, I would grant the ability to go back in time and change something we wish we had not done. Think about it. Imagine someone close to you died. Would you go back and use your minutes to tell that person you loved them just one last time? I bet thousands would use their five minutes to try and prevent 9/11 from happening. All it would take is one person at the airport to report the situation to the guards. As with most gadgets, this gift comes with an instruction manual. On that first page of the guide is a warning that states, “You only get five minutes. No more. No exceptions. Use them wisely.” The introduction on page one explains that if you have received this ultimate gift, then you are kind at heart. You can only receive this gift if you always try to do the right thing. The introduction also states that you must use your minutes in a fair and honest manner. There are a few rules that come along with this gift. For each minute, there is a rule. First, you cannot use your five minutes to hurt anyone. Second, you cannot sell your minutes, though you can give them away to someone in need. Next, you must have a good reason for using your five minutes, and they cannot be used for a greedy or selfish cause. Fourth, you have to use your five minutes all at once. Finally, you have to give your heart to the cause. There are some fortunate people who do not need their five minutes. “What a lame gift!” They may say. You have to remember, though, that the world is always changing, and people are changing with it. The minutes may come in handy one day. On very rare occasions, people may never need their five minutes. Those are a lucky few! To them, the five minutes may mean nothing, but the same minutes could mean the world to someone else. In five minutes, a baby can be born. In five minutes, a war can end, and in five minutes a stranger can become a...

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Submission Checklist

Before submitting to Fine Lines, review the style guide below: Use page numbers MLA format spell check proofread Times New Roman font, size 12 one space following periods maintain tenses throughout obey comma and punctuation rules follow the MLA rules for numbers cut wordiness avoid repetition use page breaks for new chapters there, their, they’re to, too, two affect, effect all together, altogether all ready, already lie, lay all pages in one document send as a file attachment send photo copyright information one-two paragraph autobiography Share...

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Submit to Fine Lines

Call for Manuscripts Who we are Fine Lines is a national, quarterly, literary journal devoted to the publication of poetry, prose, and writing across the curriculum. The journal seeks: to provide insights for teachers and students in all disciplines. to encourage discussion of writing in ways that cut across disciplines, definitions, and traditions. to publish contributions by all members of the writing community. What to submit We welcome articles on all topics of interest to our readers and reflective writing about interesting life experiences. Our editors encourage a broad variety of approaches, methodologies, and styles. We accept, for example, research articles and practical articles that describe innovative approaches to life’s challenges. We are especially glad to receive articles that encourage stimulating dialog that crosses traditional rhetorical and disciplinary boundaries, forms, and roles. We provide a forum for professional writers and first-time authors. What we disclaim The views expressed in the Fine Lines journal are solely those of the authors. Therefore, Fine Lines is not intended to represent any author’s point of view – albeit politically or religiously. Our purpose is to be a vehicle for fine writing. What we require Submissions must be sent via email, as file attachments, CD-R, or as laser-quality hard copies. If replies are requested, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or mention this in the email submission. Use the latest version of MLA format for all submissions (investigative essays, research articles, nonfiction, etc.). Where to send When sending submissions via email, please submit in Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). Please visit the style guide for more specific information regarding email submissions. Emailed submissions should be sent to the appropriate email address as follows: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Art Gallery, Other Submissions. Please send snail-mail submissions to: The Editors Fine Lines Journal PO Box 241713 Omaha, NE 68124 Share...

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