Writing Camp 2011: Day 3 and 4

On Day 3,

Lori Gottula, a reporter for the Falls City Journal, spoke to the campers about the hard work and dedication that it takes to be a writer, or whatever you want to be in life. She shared the story of Sissy, a legally blind barrel rodeo rider from Falls City. Ms. Gottula has been writing a novel and screen play based on Sissy’s triumphant life.

Read more about her story at the Falls City Journal

Campers also received their Fine Lines Summer Camp 2011 T-shirts!

Lori Gottula shares what she knows about writing.
Campers show off their new t-shirts.
David is very excited about his new shirt!



On Day 4,

Julian Adair brought member of her dance studio to share the beauty and artistry of dance. She pointed out how dancing is a language all its own. Campers also displayed their writing hats for Hat Day!

David Martin in his Razorback Hat
Deron Larson and the other Camp Leaders Explain How Awesome the Camp is.
One of Adair's Dancers
The Troupe Creates a Living Sculpture

Summer Camp Day Two

June 14th is Flag Day, and in celebration, the Writing Camp participants welcomed Theodore “Don’t Call Me Teddy” Roosevelt. Mr. Roosevelt, played by Darrel Draper, shared his life’s story with a bully gusto and a bravado indicative of the former three-term president. Campers discovered why February 12th is an unlucky day for him in addition to learning about his connection to American Bison in the Midwest. Did you know he was a cowboy in the Dakotas before leading his Rough Riders up San Juan Hill?

Theodore Roosevelt tells his story.
Theodore is always happy to pose for a picture.
Busy Writers doing their thing at Writing Camp!
Eager Campers read their hard day's work!

Fine Lines Summer Camp is Underway!

David Martin kicked off the 2011 Fine Lines Summer Camp at Beveridge Middle school Monday morning. This is a record year for attendance with participants ranging in age from elementary students to adults. The day began with David’s opening speech and Christina Allred (gifted facilitator with OPS), a cellist, who played while over 130 campers listened and wrote.

After the opening session, groups convened to their rooms where they wrote with their camp leaders. Then they all returned to the auditorium where David gave several homework assignments including:

  1. 1. List ten adjectives to describe good writing.
  2. 2. Describe what makes you a writer.
  3. List what you learned about writing today! (Metaphor, Mozart effect, etc.)

Then several campers shared their own writing in an open mic. session. There were some amazing writers at the microphone today!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Flag Day. Participants have been invited to show up in red, white and blue clothing. Teddy Roosevelt will be there in the morning to start off day two of Fine Lines Writing Camp!