How I Got Into Fine Lines Writing Camp by Kristi Bolling

How I got into Fine Lines Writing Camp


It all started back in eighth grade when Mrs. Tiller gave us an assignment. We were supposed to write a children’s book and read it to two peers. She printed off the pictures from the original book, and we had to come up with the character’s name, conflict, and setting. I got one that dealt with a little horse no bigger than a butterfly. I wrote my story and presented it to Mrs. Tiller.

She loved it so much that, not only did I get an amazing grade, but I also got recommended to Fine Lines. I was so surprised that inside me, I felt like I was screaming. I know it sounds weird, but that’s what I felt like. I went to the Fine Lines summer creative writing camp, and I had a blast. I recently had a poem I wrote published in a Fine Lines issue. Mrs. Tiller is one of my favorite teachers because she saw my true potential, and so did Fine Lines.