How I Got Over the Fear of Publication

My Writing Journey

 *Guest Blog today by Lauren Narducci

Fine Lines LogoEver since I can remember, I have had a pen in my hand. I would write and write and write, until my hands cramped, and the room grew dark. I was always writing, and always imagining. Recently, I stumbled across the many notebooks I had filled when I was younger shoved in a box in my closet. Written in those crumpled notebooks were pages full of short stories that had gone unfinished.

After a while, I dropped that pen and did not pick it up again until senior year of high school. That school year, my creative writing class came soon after a favorite teacher of mine died. Writing was an outlet for me, a way to let go of the thoughts entangled in my brain; so I saw this class as a way to cope.  My writing was dark, and filled with death. Many of my classmates started worrying and began asking questions. I told them I had lost someone I loved, they nodded their heads and that was all that was said. The end of the semester approached and after editing and editing and editing, I turned in my final story to my portfolio. When grades came back, I was surprised at my teacher’s comments about the story.

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Magic & Creativity

Guest Blog on Magic & Creativity

*Guest Blog from magician Jeff Quinn

“Write a guest bJeff Quinn rslog,” they said. “It’ll be easy,” they said.

That’s more easily said than done. This is about the 7th revision I’ve made. I’ve scrapped several pages and started anew. Can any of you relate to that? When it comes to magic and creativity, I know what I do; I just have trouble explaining how I do it.

But I’ll try. I really, really want you to gain an insight on what I do and I hope it may in some way help you in your writing.

Magic Moments

I’m sure you’ve experienced the times when creativity just flows from your fingertips. You can do no wrong. It’s almost like the words are being sent from the heavens directly to your fingers. Those times are rare for me, but I relish them when they do happen. I’ve found these periods of genius usually occur after I’ve sacrificed seven pure white rabbits to the cackling spirit of the Great Houdini. (Dear PETA people: the previous sentence was a joke. I DO NOT and HAVE NOT ever sacrificed seven pure white rabbits. Three or four, maybe. But NEVER seven.

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