Apologies . . . the end of a school year is busy

My name is Tim Kaldahl, and I help out with Fine Lines.  I’m also a high school teacher and the end of the academic year was a busy time.  My hope is to more frequently provide updates, samples from the journal, and other lit. stuff.  With that in mind:

  • Camp is coming up in June!  The details are at this link– Summer Camp 2017
  • The Spring issue is out — current Fine Lines
  • And, of course, there is good stuff in that issue.  Check out this artistic sample below.


A short essay on higher education

We run a lot of poetry in this space because of, well, space.  Here’s something a little different from the latest issue of Fine Lines.  It’s a short essay on higher education.  It’s written by Rachel Brannen, who is currently majoring in Chemical Dependency Counseling at Metropolitan Community College.  She is a young mother of three, and she supports her family by waiting tables and rehabbing furniture for profit.  She also has a passion for writing.