Fine Lines Journal

2016 Editors

It takes many eyes and many hands to produce each edition of the Fine Lines Journal.

We appreciate the work of all of our special editors.

Managing Editor
David Martin

Board of Directors
Steve Gehring
Chairman of the Board Attorney

David Martin
President English teacher

Dorothy Miller
English teacher, retired

James Salhany
Retired research biochemist

David Mainelli

Dr. Stan Maliszewski
Educational Psychology Professor University of Arizona

Yolanda Martin
Counselor at Andersen Middle School

Tom Pappas
English teacher, retired

Tim Kaldahl
Mike McCombs

Layout & Design
Michael Campbell
MC Writing Services

Karima Al-Absy
Christina Allred
Catalina Barajas
Carolyn Bergeron
Mary Bernier
Kristi Bolling
Janet Bonet
Stu Burns
Kelly Enriquez
Marcia Forecki
Ally Halley
Amanda B. Hansen
Maria Harding
Kathie Haskins
Tim Kaldahl
Elizabeth Kopetzky
Ashley Kresl
Erin Littlewood
Wendy Lundeen
Vince McAndrew
Michele Nosbisch
Anne Obradovich
Cathy Porter
James Salhany
Andaleeb Sana
Renee Santos
Jim VanOrnam
Emma Vinchur
David Waller

On-Line Editors
Tracy Aherns
Sheila Boerner
Bret Brokaw
Kristi Fitzgerald
Loren Logsdon
Dorothy Miller
Nancy Genevieve Perkins
Neil Simmers


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