Journey On

From the Journal Friday

As the mist begins to clear Wander in
What you can really see

Gaze upon the skies – and wonder Sit – make time to dream
It all fits together
Then dance

In a field of purple
Examine the newness of each moment Reach

Then reach some more
Never ending trails
With amazing new beginnings Journey on

 julian adiar rs– Julian Adair

A Writer’s Prayer

Vanishing Point by Oliver Hellowell
Vanishing Point by Oliver Hellowell

Great Spirit!

You give me a reason for being,

a sense of mission in this life.

I see small accomplishments and realize

there is a purpose behind them.

My creativity is a gift from You.

I recognize these blessings

more and more each day.

I know I am on the right path.

Continue to guide me.

Give me more strength,

so I can reach my distant goals.

I search for peace in my writing.

I ask for others to find happiness there.

I know You will guide those who listen.

I look to my writing in hopes of seeing visions,

those windows You open for me.

I ask for wisdom.

Touch my shoulder and guide me.

I pray to hear Your voice in the silence of the night,

in the noise of confusion,

and with the terror of the blank page.

– David Martin