Submission Checklist

Before submitting to Fine Lines, review the style guide below:

  1. Use page numbers
  2. MLA format
  3. spell check
  4. proofread
  5. Times New Roman font, size 12
  6. one space following periods
  7. maintain tenses throughout
  8. obey comma and punctuation rules
  9. follow the MLA rules for numbers
  10. cut wordiness
  11. avoid repetition
  12. use page breaks for new chapters
  13. there, their, they’re
  14. to, too, two
  15. affect, effect
  16. all together, altogether
  17. all ready, already
  18. lie, lay
  19. all pages in one document
  20. send as a file attachment
  21. send photo
  22. copyright information
  23. one-two paragraph autobiography

Author: Jeff

I teach English at Westside High School and Composition at Metropolitan Community College. I have been an online editor for Fine Lines since we revamped to Wordpress some time in 2009.