“Thank you Fine Lines!” An open letter

Dear Fine Lines:

I would love to share information regarding Fine Lines with anyone and everyone who is interested. Let me tell you my story of the first time I was published in this publication.

I was divorced, alone, sad, and at the Southpointe Mall in Lincoln, Nebraska, shopping for a new shower curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was rainy; the selection of shower curtains was overwhelming, and I really didn’t care anyway. So I went to Barnes and Noble and got a cup of coffee. I walked over to the magazine section, and Fine Lines was sitting there on the shelf, with my name (Dorothy Apley) on the front cover, listed with the other writers whose works were included in that issue.

That was back when the issues were white, and Fine Lines had the writers’ names listed down the front cover. It instantly made me feel happy and hopeful. I felt like skipping around the room, telling everyone in the bookstore that my name was on the cover of that issue.

This event really did change my outlook on the future. I was too poor to buy more than one copy of that issue and share it with anyone else. Now, I am happily remarried with six grandchildren, but I will never forget that moment. It was like the beginning of all good things.

Thank you for that.

Dorothy Apley Miller

Author: Jeff

I teach English at Westside High School and Composition at Metropolitan Community College. I have been an online editor for Fine Lines since we revamped to Wordpress some time in 2009.