Camp for Creative Writers

Fine Lines Summer Camp 2021 is on the way! Express your ideas through the written word and make words fly off the page. Let your creativity show during these uncertain times. Fine Lines brings out the writer hidden deep within. We can’t wait to read what you have! Click here to sign up!

Summer Camp Press Release


Dream! Believe!                                     Imagine!

    Have Fun!                                     Explore! Laugh!      Think!                           Soar!     Share!

Create!  Reflect!                              Discover!

Write On!


Fine Lines writing summer camp is for students of all ages. Join writers who add clarity and passion to their lives with the written word. Donate today to help further Fine Lines vision of spreading the written word!

We will have fun with sentences, learn to play while developing poems, stories, essays, and discover creative corners of our minds that we did not know existed. Metaphorically, we will take our journals under “shade trees” and talk together about issues that matter. We will swim around important “buoys” on our educational journeys. We will row boats to “lighthouses” that show us our own paths through the fog. We will take our minds for “jogs” to libraries. We will learn to write more, faster, and better. More than anything, we will create time to dream about our ideas and applaud the power and beauty of words.