The Fine Lines Donation Pledge:

“The purpose of this donation is to further the mission of Fine Lines: increasing the literacy of “young writers of all ages,” providing annual “Write On” summer camps, developing individual school writing workshops, and inspiring authors to publish their creative works. My desire is to give a gift that keeps on giving, and I want my enjoyment of the written word to live on after me in the minds and hearts of young writers everywhere. Fine Lines provides a beacon of hope for the misunderstood, embraces the passion of human diversity, and creates the lives we desire through prose and poetry. I support this creative writing community, which is engaged in the thoughtful pursuit of beauty and truth. Write on.”

$50          Scribe

$100        Wordsmith

$250        Bard

$500        Essayist

$1,000     Novelist

$5,000     Myth-Maker

$10,000   Producer

Please send your check or use the paypal button below to contribute.

Supporters of Fine Lines

Care of: David Martin

Fine Lines

PO Box 241713

Omaha, NE 68124-5713

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