Calls for Submission

What We Accept

We accept all articles of varied interests to our readers that represent differing life experiences. Our editors encourage writing with a broad variety of approaches, methodologies, and styles. We accept articles that describe pioneering advancement toward life’s challenges. Our editors are enthusiastic about receiving articles that encourage stimulating dialog crossing traditional rhetorical and disciplinary boundaries, forms, and roles. Our journal provides a forum for professional writers and first-time authors.

Note: Submissions that contain dark overtones will not be published, including profanity, blatant sexuality, violence, and suicide.

The Views We Express

The views expressed in Fine Lines are solely those of the authors and in no way reflect the journal’s viewpoints. Therefore, Fine Lines is not intended to represent any author's point of view, politically or religiously. Our purpose is to be a vehicle for fine writing.

How to Submit

Fine Lines prose submissions must be single-spaced in 10- or 12-point Times New Roman font with one–inch margins. Paragraphs should be in block format, including one space between each one. Submissions should be left aligned with only one space after all terminal punctuation.

All submissions must be sent either by email as a file attachment, on a CD-R, or as laser-quality hard copies. If requesting a reply, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope or mention your request by email with the submission. Submissions must be written in MLA format, 6th edition (investigative essays, research articles, nonfiction, etc.).

Where to Submit

To send submissions by email, please submit the articles in Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich-Text Format (.rtf), or in an Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf).

All postal mail submissions must be sent to The Editors, Fine Lines Journal, PO Box 241713, Omaha, NE 68124-5713. Emailed submissions should be sent to the appropriate email address as follows: fiction (, non-fiction (, poetry (, book reviews (, art gallery (, drama (, and other submissions (


All material published in Fine Lines and on the Fine Lines website and style guide is copyrighted by Fine Lines. However, we encourage the duplication and reproduction of parts of the Fine Lines journal for educational purposes only. When duplicating and reproducing, give credit to the author and to Fine Lines. Our journal accepts previously published material in accordance with the first publisher’s terms. Similarly, authors may submit any work already published by Fine Lines to other publications. We ask that you include acknowledgement that the work was originally published in Fine Lines. We welcome and encourage hyperlinks to our website when republishing in online media. By submitting to the Fine Lines journal, authors consent to release Fine Lines from the responsibility of external, unauthorized use of the article after publication. Fine Lines reserves the right to republish any former Fine Lines submission on our website without prior notification.