A song for a Saturday

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-1-36-53-pmJim Salhany is a writer and editor for Fine Lines and also a songwriter and musician.  He wrote the son “Write On” with Fine Lines in mind.  He sent this along as well —

“The lyrics for the song ‘Write On’ are motivational, in that they offer a bit of a cheer for writing. The attached song ‘Poetry & Song’ is one I wrote and produced for the Samba Caribe CD several years ago . . . . I recently had the occasion to listen to it again, and was struck as to how it might compliment the “Write On” song. The theme in  ‘Poetry & Song’ focuses on the Shakespeare’s idea of immortality in verse, here the words in poetry and song. This song offers a purpose and a focus to write on. If you think this will work on the FL Website with “Write On,” you may have this track with my compliments, and add it to the site.”

With that in mind, enjoy “Poetry & Song.”