Letter from a Friend of Fine Lines

The attached letter from a new writer to Fine Lines (Shawnelle Alley, Fremont, NE) arrived just in time for the holidays. I could not have wished for a better present. Her wonderful expression of what a new writer feels like to be published is the reason we have continued to develop Fine Lines and reach out to “young writers of all ages” these past twenty years.

Dear David Martin,

I understand that I am now published twice by you; once online and once in print! Amazing!! Perhaps I am in shock, I don’t know if I should laugh, or cry, or both.

As Special Editors, I hope you know that what you do to help Fine Lines can change people’s lives. Let’s not become “bored members.” Monthly, I receive shorter messages, similar to this one. Not all of them are as well written as Shawnelle’s, but they mention that Fine Lines made a difference in their lives. I hope you look forward to our third decade of helping young writers get started, as wordsmiths, as authors who celebrate our language, as dreamers seeking for beauty and truth, line by line and page by page.

I cannot tell you how excited I am, and oddly humbled – and, in truth, I am shocked – yep, that is it; the BIGGY is shock!! I am sitting here at work processing that. I process on an ongoing basis, hence the art and word flow; when I am stunned, sometimes, there is silence. (Some people appreciate that). Thank you, David.

I am in the Academic Resource Center at Metropolitan Community College’s Fremont center this afternoon, and it is quiet. There is only one student working on research and not in need of my assistance, so I am off to clean computers in a few rooms and make some copies for the Writing Center.  Of course, I will also be pondering that you have just published me. WOW.

Shawnelle Alley

Our Special Editors are changing people’s lives through the written word. Fine Lines does make a difference.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Write on,

David Martin

Author: Jeff

I teach English at Westside High School and Composition at Metropolitan Community College. I have been an online editor for Fine Lines since we revamped to Wordpress some time in 2009.