5 Things a Writer Should Never Do

*Today’s guest Blog is by author and Fine Lines editor Marcia Calhoun Forecki

There are plenty of blogs for writers which are positive. Bloggers giving advice on the six things every writer should know about combating writer’s block, seven things to jump start your creativity, or eight ways to end a sentence without using a preposition. And although no one likes a negative Nelly, today I’m taking that honor and talking about:

Five things a writer should never do.

  • Never plagiarize. That one is pretty obvious. If there’s a code for writers it has to be do your own work.


  • Never think you will remember a great idea or sentence in the morning. This does not happen. Between the time the idea comes to you at night while brushing your teeth before bed, or while tossing and turning before sleep, many things can happen. In one night alone, you can lead a brigade of dragons to save the kingdom’s supply of toilet paper, lunch with Mary Todd Lincoln and your high school band teacher, or even kiss your first true love while he turns into Mr. Peanut. Who could be expected to remember a sentence or even a great idea after all that action.

  • Never cease from writing a poem because all you’ve written are novels. Or vice versa. Every idea comes with its own structure. If the idea is a poem, write a poem. If the idea is a song, write a song. It doesn’t matter if you have never written a poem or a song, let the idea go where it wants to go and have the courage to follow.


  • Never say you won’t write today because you don’t have any good ideas. Sit down, pen or keyboard in hand, and be ready. Isabel Allende said, “Show up, show up, show up and the muse will show up, too.”  Start writing a letter to one of your heroes, or a list of your favorite literary characters, or even a recipe for a new cocktail. Out of those scribbles can come great ideas, but you have to “show up” and do the scribbling, first.


  • Never give up. If your first work doesn’t come together, write something else. If you don’t publish your novel, submit your poem. If you don’t write, you can’t succeed. That is the one certainty in writing. So, keep writing no matter what! In other words, “Write on!”

What do you think? What’s the #1 thing a writer should Never Do?


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