Mondays with Martin: This Moment

David Martin


I am a little bird 

with broken wings, afraid of the future.

My cracked dreams flutter, lack direction, 

and refuse to take flight.


When I struggle to find purpose, 

it is not necessary to travel 4,000 miles for a perfect photograph 

or seek answers in barbaric places where crisis rules.

Destiny will take care of itself.


It only takes 39 digits of pi 

to calculate the circumference of the universe 

to an accuracy the size of a hydrogen atom,

yet, I spend little time measuring the boundary of my heart.


When the community counts and respect for truth rules,

where people meet to find the best among them is holy ground.

The urgent must not displace the important,

and there is no substitution for amputated spirits.


Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

Not history. Not mystery

Today is the focus. 

I am grateful, now.


I didn’t come this far to go somewhere else,

and my little corner of the world brightens.

In the trying, the healing happens.

This moment is the answer.