Fine Lines Summer Camp 2012!


Young writers learn and listen from an adult writer. Everyone has something to learn from everyone else.
Summer Camp is a place to foster respect and admiration for one’s peers in the writing community. It provides a valuable and rare opportunity to connect with others in an otherwise solitary profession.
Being a writer shows that you have hope in tomorrow. Writers are optimists; they describe the human heart, write despite the odds and find light in the darkness.
Writers were stimulated by other art forms. Artists like dancers and photographers helped fuel creative fires during the week. Inspiration can be found in wonderful places.
Music describes a flow of ideas much like writing does.
Writers engaged in thoughtful discussion and exchanged ideas about writing in a forum of imaginations: a rare opportunity to speak with other writers at length.
Teaching is learning. Writers connected with their teachers to better their craft and learn something about themselves.
Find a fellow writer and make a new friend.
With a little inspiration and a lot of hard work, anything can be done.
An encouraging atmosphere lets eager writers share their work with their peers.

Author: Jeff

I teach English at Westside High School and Composition at Metropolitan Community College. I have been an online editor for Fine Lines since we revamped to Wordpress some time in 2009.