Operation Chrysalis – First of Mondays with Martin

*From Fine Lines Founder and Managing Editor David Martin


23 Years In…

ondays with martinThe Fine Lines project is now in its twenty-third year of publishing our members’ creative writing. When we prepared our first issue of four pages in 1992, no one could have imagined that we would come this far. Developing our quarterly issues remains a challenge, and every day, we think of new ways to reach more writers of all ages and encourage them to improve their craft as wordsmiths.

Who We Are

During this time, Fine Lines evolved from a newsletter to a magazine to a quarterly journal, from four pages to three hundred pages, from an initial audience of one high school class to one of national scope, from local submissions only to international contributors in thirty-three foreign countries, from second grade haiku poets to college professors, from “wannabe” authors of every genre to a nuclear scientist, a congressman, and a Native American chief.

When we found out that our publisher for the last six years is changing its path, we knew Fine Lines would evolve once more. As we pursue the many options available regarding publishing, we have chosen to start by sharing the Summer 2014 issue via our website, www.finelines.org. In the future, we may try to publish in both mediums. Time will tell.

Operation Chrysalis

Caterpillars develop cocoons and turn into butterflies. In this way, they evolve and become new and improved beings. Our change from print publication to online publication is our own “Operation Chrysalis.” We hope this change will deliver an improved product for our members.

Our Fine Lines team of editors and staff want to keep this project growing. Change is hard to work through; however, and when we see what writing does to encourage growth of friends, students, and families, we want to keep writing and encouraging others to string more sentences together. The writing process is dynamic, improves creative thinking, alters brain functions, and helps improve our world. Please continue to support our cause. Please take this short survey and let us know how you can be a part of this evolutionary process.

Write on,

David Martin