Write On Wednesday Open for Submissions

Fine Lines accepts blog submissions for “Write On Wednesdays.” We feature writers from across the country and your input is welcome.

If you’re wondering what we love, here are some great posts to check out:

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And of course, Those Lowdown Rejection Blues

Further notes:

  • We prefer blogs 500-1200 words. Short can be sweet, however, give us a complete thought.
  • Send in a word file. Do not indent paragraphs. We reserve the right to change format to be “blog friendly” as needed.
  • Fellow writers are extra sensitive to technical errors; please proofread your work.
  • Send a bio, a photo if you’d like, links to any of your website and social networks you want to share.
  • If you have an appropriate photo that you own the rights to, yes, please share.
  • We do accept previously published material, please note in your copy where it was published before and, if appropriate, a link.
  • Fine Lines is fueled and manned by volunteers, please be patient with reply times. We read and appreciate all the work received.
  • Ready? For blog submissions send to david.martin (at) finelines.org Subject: Fine Lines Blog Submission

Thank You!