Friday From the Journal: Words/Palabras by Cynthia Douglas-Ybrara

Smart poetry today from the most recent edition of Fine Lines.  Poet Cynthia Douglas-Ybara ends her poem with this bit of truth — “Words can hurt, words can heal”

The most online edition of the journal can be accessed by following this link.

The poem follows below.  Click on the page to see it in a larger format.

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Journey On

From the Journal Friday

As the mist begins to clear Wander in
What you can really see

Gaze upon the skies – and wonder Sit – make time to dream
It all fits together
Then dance

In a field of purple
Examine the newness of each moment Reach

Then reach some more
Never ending trails
With amazing new beginnings Journey on

 julian adiar rs– Julian Adair

A Writer’s Prayer

Vanishing Point by Oliver Hellowell
Vanishing Point by Oliver Hellowell

Great Spirit!

You give me a reason for being,

a sense of mission in this life.

I see small accomplishments and realize

there is a purpose behind them.

My creativity is a gift from You.

I recognize these blessings

more and more each day.

I know I am on the right path.

Continue to guide me.

Give me more strength,

so I can reach my distant goals.

I search for peace in my writing.

I ask for others to find happiness there.

I know You will guide those who listen.

I look to my writing in hopes of seeing visions,

those windows You open for me.

I ask for wisdom.

Touch my shoulder and guide me.

I pray to hear Your voice in the silence of the night,

in the noise of confusion,

and with the terror of the blank page.

– David Martin